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  Proposals which have been submitted to the ICTV Executive Committee for consideration (13/06/2007)
    see ICTVnet Taxonomic Proposals 01
  1. To create a new genus, Senecavirus, containing a single species, Seneca Valley virus.
  2. To rename the species Porcine enterovirus A to Porcine sapelovirus. The serotype porcine enterovirus 8 would then be known as porcine sapelovirus (PSV).
  3. To create a new genus, Sapelovirus, containing three species: Porcine sapelovirus, Simian sapelovirus and Avian sapelovirus.
    To create a new species Simian sapelovirus containing simian virus (SV) 2, SV16, SV18, SV42, SV44, SV45 & SV49 (these probably represent three types, SSV-1 to SSV-3).
    To create a new species Avian sapelovirus containing duck picornavirus TW90A. The single serotype would be called avian sapleovirus (ASV).
  4. To formally name the species "Avian encephalomyelitis-like viruses" as Avian encephalomyelitis virus.
    To remove the species Avian encephalomyelitis virus from the genus Hepatovirus.
    To create a new genus, Tremovirus, containing a single species, Avian encephalomyelitis virus.
  Proposals in preparation (more detailed descriptions will follow as they are prepared)
  5. To split the species Bovine enterovirus into two species, Bovine enterovirus A and Bovine enterovirus B, each containing a number of types.

Other issues currently being considered by the PSG

  6. To create a new species, Duck hepatitis A virus, containing two serotypes - duck hepatitis virus 1 (DHV-1) and new duck hepatitis virus (N-DHV). The two serotypes would be known as duck hepatitis A virus (DHAV) 1 and DHAV-2.
    To create a new genus, Avihepatovirus, containing the single species, Duck hepatitis A virus.
  7. To create a new species, Bovine rhinitis B virus, containing bovine rhinovirus 2 (BRV-2). The single serotype, BRV-2, would then be known as bovine rhinitis B virus (BRBV).
    To assign Bovine rhinitis B virus to the genus Aphthovirus.
  8. A number of new rhinoviruses, which appear to be distinct from HRV-A and HRV-B, are being examined to assess their taxonomic position.
  Please note: all taxon names must be considered tentative until approved by the ICTV.

Please address comments on any of the above proposals/issues to Nick Knowles (chairman of the Picornaviridae Study Group) or to any of the Study Group Members.


The following proposals have now been approved by the EC and await ratification by the ICTV membership.

    see ICTVnet Taxonomic Proposals 04
  1. To combine the Enterovirus and Rhinovirus genera, keeping the former genus name.
  2. To combine the Poliovirus and Human enterovirus C species, keeping the latter species name.
  3. To make Human enterovirus C the type species of the family.